What Sets Us Apart from the Competition?

I.   A Good Choice for Business

Assured Data Destruction is an integral member of the Southeast United States Community. In using our company for your data destruction, not only does your business receive an added value service paired with the highest security standards, you are also helping to increase the number of employment opportunities for the disabled.

  • NAID AAA Certified
  • SDA Member
  • Secure, locked containers provided at no charge
  • Free pick up service of containers (no surcharges)
  • Purges for large paper volumes
  • Certificate of Destruction issued
  • Responsive customer service –where you want it, when you want it.
  • Insurance Protection
  • Meets Department of Health and Human Services Guidance (NIST SP 800-88 reference)
  • Consoles/Container Placement will comply with the NFPA Life Safety Code -

II.  Chain of Custody

Assured Data Destruction employs an exclusive chain of custody to ensure your information is kept secure at every possible point. ASSURED follows procedures that overlap, cross validate, and produce auditable records.

  • Secure, locked containers provided at no charge
  • Free pick up service of containers (no surcharges)
  • Chain of Custody (deployment, pickup, weighing and staging, destruction, and final disposal) ensures contents are secure at all times
  • Customer Service Representatives who have passed federal criminal background check; dressed in uniform with visible photo ID badge
  • Shredding  – Permanent and Secure
  • Deployment: Our companies consult together to determine the best schedules for pickup.
  • Pickup: Picked is monitored by trained, insured, and bonded professionals.
  • Weighing and Staging: Materials are co-mingled in preparation for shredding and contaminants removed. Security features ensures that final ed baled material cannot be reconstructed.
  • Destruction-Material: Material is shred to 5/16 of an inch strips, then baled into 1,500 pound bales.
  • Final Disposal-Bailed Material is released to a recycling company for final pulverizing and recycling.

III.   RSS (Redundant Systems Security)

Assured Data Destruction incorporates redundant security systems in a secure manner.

  • GPS vehicle tracking on transport vehicle
  • 24/7 facility video-monitoring with minimum 90 day Video Log
  • Truck security programs
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