Assured Data Destruction (ADD) is a division of Wiregrass Rehabilitation Center, Inc. We provide secure document destruction and shredding services for private companies, government agencies, and personal documentation. Our trained, insured, and bonded employees will either pick up your documents to be shredded and return them to our facility, or you can drop off your documents to our facility. Our facility is under 24-hour surveillance to ensure that your documents are safe and secure!


Our industrial shredding machine shreds the documents into 5/16″ strips and places the shredded material into bales. One of the questions that we get asked the most is, “Are the pieces able to be pieced back together again?” The answer is, absolutely not! What’s great about our machine is that it mangles the material so that it can never be pieced back together again. Once the materials are formed into bales, we have a company that purchases the bales from us and uses them as recycled materials for their products. We take pride in recycling the materials so that they can be re-used all over again. Not for information, but to help build a sustainable future. You can rest assured that we will protect your information, handle it with care, and sustainably use the recycled materials for a greater purpose!

Choose us as your primary document destruction provider!

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