Locked Security Containers
At no charge, Assured Data Destruction will supply the customer with secure, locked containers where personnel may deposit documents that need to be properly destroyed.  The following size consoles and bin containers will be offered in compliance with the National Fire Protection Codes and Standards, JCAHO Standards, and space:

Executive Console – 32 gallon (holds approx. 80 pounds of paper)

Small Roll-About-Container – 65 gallon (holds approx. 250 pounds of paper)      

Large Roll-About Container – 95 gallon (holds approx. 350 pounds of paper)

Pickup Schedule

On a routine schedule, Assured Data Destruction’s customer service representative will remove your documents from various areas and safely load it onto ADD’s secure transporting vehicle.

NOTE: ADD’s customer service representatives have undergone an in-depth background check as required by the federal government agencies it serves.  Representatives are dressed in uniform with a visible ID badge.  Contents remain in the secured vehicle until it arrives at ADD’s secure shredding facility (located at 565 Burkett Road, Dothan, AL – inside WRC’s Work Services Center). The shred area is completely enclosed with locking access doors, and is perimeter monitored and video monitored.
Upon the arrival of materials for destruction, the containers are weighed and/or counted for record keeping. Once recorded, they are then staged to begin the shredding process. The material is fed directly into the shredder processing and baled. Once materials are baled they are shipped directly to a paper company where the material is turned into pulp to make other recycled products. A Certificate of Destruction is issued with the certified weight that verifies that the materials were destroyed in compliance with the 1974 Federal Privacy Act and other legal requirements as stated in Attachment A page 2.

Chain of Custody
Assured Data Destruction’s exclusive Chain of Custody ensures information is kept secure at all times.  ADD follows procedures that overlap, cross validate, and will provide proof of destruction.

  • Deployment – Customized Schedules
  • Pickup – By trained, insured, and bonded professionals
  • Weighing and Staging – Materials are commingled in preparation for shredding and contaminants removed (binding clips, post-it notes, etc…). Security features ensure that final baled material cannot be reconstructed.
  • Destruction – Material is shred to 5/16 inch strips (industry standard is 5/8 inch) then baled into 1,500 pound bales.
  • Final Disposal – Baled material is released to a recycling company who has signed a confidentiality agreement for the final pulverization and recycling of shredded materials.

Assured Data Destruction incorporates multiple Redundant Security Systems (R.S.S.) including GPS vehicle tracking, truck security programs, facility video-monitoring, and container software tracking.

Purge Service
For office cleanouts, year-end, or one-time file purges, Assured Data Destruction provides purge service options to meet your needs. To assist staff in completing a file purge, ADD can provide container drop offs and rolling carts to help make the process streamlined and efficient. Whether your business has two boxes or two-thousand, ADD will pickup, transport, and shred the information securely, conveniently, and cost effectively.

Assured Data Destruction provides general liability insurance to protect its customers, as well as vehicle and commercial insurance. ADD limits this protection to $1,000,000.

Assured Data Destruction’s plant-based (off-site) services provide better pricing and security. Additionally, ADD will provide free workshops for its customers with training on legal requirements, agreed upon procedures, items to be shredded, and the environmental impact of shredding and recycling. Additionally, there is no charge for consoles / bin containers or placement and removal of the containers.

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